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Chypin offers a rich set of features to make sure you are maximizing your savings through expense sharing.

On Chypin, all bills that can be split will be split.

Track expenses together

Chypin makes tracking contributions to shared expenses super easy through groups!

Detect subscriptions & bills

We help you monitor your accounts for recurring transactions so you can share and save.

Send money fast

Once you've loaded money into your Chypin balance you will be able to send it in an instant.

Ideal for sending Money Fast

Chypin allows you to instantly pay friends and family.

Designed for Groups

With lots of unique and useful features, you can easily manage shared expenses as a household, team, club and more.

Perfect for splitting Recurring Bills

It can be hard to keep track of all of your shared & ongoing expenses.
We automate contributions and collections - stress less!

How does Chypin work?

We have designed Chypin to flexibly support sharing of every day expenses. Chypin Contracts allow users to split recurring expenses, Chypin Groups allow users to make logical units for expense sharing. You will also be able to use Chypin to send payments to individuals as well.

Will Chypin be available in my country?

Chypin will launch in the United States, let us know where you are based when you sign up for the waitlist!

Why should I use Chypin?

Splitting bills can be cumbersome, hard to track, and sometimes... awkward. Chypin solves this by being a trusted intermediary for shared expenses. No need to chase each other down or remember who is owed what. Keep in the loop to learn how Chypin can help!

Is Chypin Free?

Chypin will be free to use at launch! We will also offer a tier for people who'd like to leverage some of our premium features and services.